Physics is the difficult subject only for the slow learner


In learning there are two kinds, once is fast learning, another one is slow earning. The fast learner will be understanding once the subject taught in the classroom, even at the tuition this student will be able to help the other students, because, this particular student understood everything, still the student has some doubts in his mind, and that is the reason attending to the tuition. The slow learning student will not be attentive in the classroom but will be eager to attend to the tuition because he or she understands more only in the tuition centre. However all the students would be able to provide physics answers once any question is asked by the teacher? However, the experienced tuition teacher will be asking the question, what would be the exam paper with the same questions; this is the beauty of the tuition teacher. The tuition teacher will be going through all the ten or fifteen years question papers and selecting questions based on these arrangements. So the teacher will be asking the same question which is going to be asked in the exam. So the exam will be easy for all the students who are attending the tuition regularly. Even some teachers would have prepared a book with many questions asked in exams before ten or fifteen years. This book is the reference book for the teacher the teacher will not offer this book to the students, and this book will be a personal reference book for the teacher, this is the reason the tuition teacher is shining and teaching the students regularly and making the subject simple to all the students. In the tuition teacher will not be having book in the hand while teaching, but in the classroom, the teacher will be holding a book on the hand to teach the students, this is the teacher way in general.

There are not much teachers interested in providing tuition for the students, because this is heavy job, promising the student to get the more marks and higher ranks in the exam, only retired teachers can give this promise to the students that is the reason always the tuition teachers are in demand. In many cases, after the graduation and plus teachers training the students are directly providing tuition for the children, these teachers are focusing only on the subject, they prepare the best question and answers for all the students, and in all subjects.